Three steps to fast and lasting weight loss

Weight loss needs hard work and commitment. There are no magic or secret pills that will help you lose weight faster. You can achieve your dream weight by following three easy steps from secrets from Most Inside as discussed below.

How to lose weight

Eat less

There is no shortcut about it. If you want to reduce your weight, start eating less. For your body to shed excess weight, you should create a calorie deficiency. If you continue eating mountains of food, no exercise will make you attain the weight you have always wanted. Reduce portions of your favorite meal and fats. It is the only safe and less dramatic way to losing weight. It doesn’t matter how much weight you have at the moment, all you need to do is to cut your eating habits, and change will be seen.

Eat better

Have you ever heard the saying, “we are what we eat”? If you eat crap, you will grow fat and huge. If you adopt healthy eating habits, you will stay healthy, and your body parts will be thanking you. If you are trying to lose weight, ditch out junk from your diet. Junk includes cookies, pizzas, chips, soda, donuts, etc. replace all that with vegetables and fruits. Do you remember when your mother could not let you out of the dining table until that broccoli was done? She is not around to force it on you, but you will have to take it and many more. If you change to a plate full of fiber and vegetables, you will be leading the right way to a long-lasting weight loss. Reducing the food on your plate with healthy portions is the only way to start a successful weight loss journey. I must admit it will not be easy to eat vegetables every meal, but the sooner you begin, the better.


Switch your weight loss journey to a higher gear by getting yourself active. It does not matter whether aerobics, working out or exercising, just do anything which keeps you active. Your heart rates should be kept high, and sweat glands working than before. Exercise is the only way to real, sustainable and long-lasting weight loss. Every pound lost through eating right and exercise will never come back. Regular exercise gives your body the boost it needs to carry out metabolism effectively which result in effective weight loss. The more you physically push your body, the faster you will lose weight. You might not afford a personal trainer, but you push yourself towards something.