The different types of trucking jobs


Truck driving is a good career that will satisfy your expectations. Being an experienced truck driver is a lifetime commitment. This type of job will keep you on the road for most of your life and this would be perfect for you if you like to travel.

Shipping goods will always be in demand that is why trucking jobs are in high demand right now.

The different types of truck driving

There are five different types of truck driving jobs which we are going to look into in this article.

Long haul

This will have you traveling over thousand of miles; you will be visiting the place you may have never known about. This will give you the opportunity to travel and give you the experience behind the wheel of your truck.

The long haul is good for someone that loves the open road. It is not so good for a family life, but some people have to deal with it. This type of career will keep you away from home for over three weeks at a time. Most retired couples take this type of passion as husband and wife; this will allow them to travel together and make extra money while they see the world.

Short haul

This type of job will only keep you away from home a couple of nights a week. This type of job are like food and beverage that gets a delivery on a weekly basis. When it comes to short-haul, it will offer more money because you are the one unloading the truck.

Local driving position

2This type of driving job is based on a local delivery like Coke or Pepsi. You will unload products that they have ordered like 2 to 3 times a week so they can conduct their business. With this type of job, you are home every night. This is the kind of driving job to have if you are a family man with kids and a wife at home.

Vocational truck driving job

This type of driving job will give you the opportunity to work your own hours and close to home. This would be like a tow truck driver or a county worker. This type of job will pay high and have excellent benefits.

Container intermodal truck driving

This type of career is good because you are an owner operator; you can haul different types of trailers whether it be a tanker or a flatbed or even box trailer if you own the trails. You will be able to pull whatever you want for whatever type of trailer you will need.

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