The Importance Of Screen Printing For Your Advertising Campaign

dwfegrtyjthrEven though you might not be quite familiar with it, screen printing for t-shirts can significantly boost your business and your brand. It is all very simple. A well-designed, quality t-shirt, with your logo or some other informative message printed on it, could pretty much represent your business as well as any other advertising method. There are some benefits that come with utilizing screen printed t-shirts for brand building purposes. Such a t-shirt can be offered as a giveaway or gift, or be used for promotional purposes. When in the hands of your clients and customers, these t-shirts can act as a very powerful and cheap means of business advertisement. For instance, if you’re living in Maryville and interested in hiring a screen printing company, rest easy knowing that it will be quite easy finding a reputable screen printing Maryville, TN company for all your printing needs.

Things to consider when looking for t-shirt printing services

1. Effective and affordable

T-shirt screen printing can be much more affordable than other marketing and advertising campaigns, commonly used for business and brand building. Some contemporary exposure and advertising techniques, such as mobile campaigns, viral campaigns, the use of social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, as well as endorsements from celebrity people, can be effective, but also extremely costly and in most cases, simply not cost-effective.

2. Small but significant

Just like all the other promotional products used for advertising campaigns, screen printed t-shirts also rank pretty high, alongside pens, endorsement ceramic mugs, water bottles, USBs and many other. These items may appear small and insignificant, but their effectiveness in promoting a brand or business can sometimes be immeasurable. They can easily give you an edge over your closest competition, when it comes to first, and most importantly, lasting impressions. They are top-sellers and sell in massive quantities, thanks to their low prices and quality.

3. T-Shirt quality

5678uihumgyWhen looking for a shirt to use for screen printing, make sure it is made of high-quality materials. Do not pay so much attention to the price, as much as to the fabric used. If the fabric is not capable of withstanding the printing procedure, the shirt will be useless, as it will be incapable of representing your brand, in the best way possible.

Make sure to look for the fabric types that are highly durable and which are capable of holding the color very well. The process of making a t-shirt is also quite important because it will make the fabric and the shirt feel much softer and finer.

The most popular fabrics and processes include:


This is a 100% cotton fabric. This one is quite popular due to its softness, durability, and capability to hold the colors.

Pima Cotton

The main features of this fabric include high durability, thickness and the fact that the shirts made out of it are quite warm and lightweight.

Ring Spun

This is a well-known process, whereby the fiber is spun before knitted into the shirt. This process makes t-shirts feel much softer, finer and more durable. However, some might dislike it because it gives the shirts a somewhat feminine look.

In the end, always remember that the quality of the t-shirt will determine the quality of screen printing, while the quality of screen-printing will determine the quality of your advertising effort. Therefore, keep them in mind when planning your marketing campaign.